In 2021, we launched the Echo Park Immigration Center (EPIC) to address the urgent immigration crisis in Los Angeles. Our community is dedicated to immigrant solidarity, providing comprehensive support to intergenerational immigrant communities. We serve youth aged 14-35 as well as adults of all ages, ensuring that everyone receives the help they need. EPIC’s decolonizing approach and community-centric model aim to disrupt the cycle of economic injustice, empowering immigrants to thrive in their new environment. Through these efforts, we strive to create a supportive and equitable community where immigrants can achieve their full potential.

Key Initiatives

1. Essential Resources

We partner with local organizations to provide food, clothing, and legal aid clinics. These collaborations are vital in addressing immediate needs and establishing rapport within the community.

2. Youth Mentoring and Career Development

Our programs offer mentorship and career guidance to help young immigrants navigate educational and professional pathways. We have also launched an entrepreneurship program that equips youth with skills to start their own businesses. Additionally, our vocational training curriculum empowers young people with the tools needed for career success.

3. Cultural Empowerment and Community Gatherings

We regularly host events that promote cultural pride and community cohesion. These gatherings include empowerment workshops and educational sessions, fostering a sense of belonging and holistic well-being.

4. Transitional Housing and Support Services

We have established a temporary shelter for immigrants transitioning out of detention facilities. This safe haven provides families with critical resources, including legal aid and health services.